My 3 Super Effective (and embarrassing) Ways I De-Stress From Work

In order to relax from the day you need to be able to leave work at work. That is difficult in today’s society where an expectation of 24/7 availability through e-mail, text, and phone calls make it hard to turn off your working brain. This is twice as bad for those like myself who are [...]

Insomnia Tests and Where to Take Them

There are various tests to help you determine if you have just have trouble sleeping or if you have a serious case of insomnia. These insomnia quizzes can be administered by your doctor, or found online. Insomnia Tests at the Doctor's Office A doctor won’t be able tell if you have insomnia or not just [...]

How 8 Weeks of Meditation Tripled My Productivity (and how you can too)

Being more productive is the way to make more money and advance your career. After all, if you are getting more things done then you are seen as more valuable. This can lead to raises, promotions, and accolades. I did an 8 week experiment in meditation and wound of increasing my productivity more than I thought was [...]

Four Ways to Make People Like and Trust You Instantly

Would your life improve if you were able to instantly connect with new people you meet? To have people trust you, like you, and want to do you favors? Human society is inter connected,and there are people who have achieved their goals or made millions of dollars just on their social network alone. When people [...]

Is Hypnosis Real? Here is the Best Scientific Evidence

Hypnosis has been attributed to some unbelievable things, and everyone has the same question: Is hypnosis real? Can a powerful hypnotist really create a trance that makes people cluck like chickens during stage hypnosis shows? Or how about the stories of  the medical hypnotist who completely numbs a patient undergoing a root canal with no anesthetic. [...]

Sleep Meditation Resources and the Best Guided Sleep Meditations

Out of the millions of people (At least 60 million Americans by last count) that struggle with sleep, many people find that sleep meditations really do help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. What makes sleep meditation so good at helping people with insomnia? Why shouldn't we all just turn to pharmaceuticals like [...]

Hypnosis for Anxiety to Eliminate Panic Attacks

When you have anxiety it’s like your freedom is taken away. You are a slave to your own thoughts. It doesn't have to be that way and you can retrain your brain using hypnosis for anxiety. There are many ways to break the chains of anxiety, and perhaps the most effective way is hypnotherapy. Breaking [...]

Hypnotherapy for Sleep and Free Audio Resources

You are going to learn the best ways to train your brain to sleep using Hypnotherapy. As a result you will be sleeping better and have more energy. All you need to do is take action on what you learn. Hypnotherapy is a widely recognized way to build new habits and influence the mind body [...]

Creating Success and Crushing Stress With This One Thing

There's a secret out there that as soon as I tell it to you, you will slap your forehead and think, "Damn! You're right! It's been in front of me this entire time." I know you are going to do that because that is exactly what I did. I had the first part of this [...]

Sleep Hypnosis and Natural Sleep Aids [Ultimate Guide]

There are many way to sleep naturally using hypnosis, meditation, and other home remedies. This is the ultimate resource guide to direct you to the best sleep hypnosis mp3’s (Free and low cost) as well as things you can create at home to help you fall asleep. Natural sleep aids I could write an encyclopedia about [...]

4 Vital Things Your Brain Does as You Sleep

You work hard during the day, but your brain works even harder for you at night. Sleep isn’t a “waste of time”, instead it is a crucial part of your day that allows you to function better while awake. Here are four amazing things your brain does while you sleep. 1. Sleep clears out toxins [...]

The Surprising Way You Can Train Your Brain to Sleep Better at Night

Over 20 million Americans aren’t getting the sleep they should. Whether it’s trouble going to sleep, staying asleep, or just poor quality of sleep, if you are groggy during the day it can make staying healthy (and sane!) nearly impossible. You don’t have to immediately reach for the sleeping pills if you have trouble sleeping. [...]