Why You’ve Plateaued and How to Make Progress Again – BSP 028

If you are an expert or really good at something, you might have reached a point where you plateaued and you aren't sure how to break through. This episode talks about real world strategies to keep making progress. Think about the last time you accomplished a goal. Maybe you lost that 15 pounds [...]

Sleep Series 3: The Ultimate Sports Performance Enhancer – BSP 025

Run higher, jump faster, dodge better, and be more accurate. These are things that top athletes would pay good money for. They sometimes even do illegal things! But sleep might be the best kept secret when it comes to performance enhancing. I'll talk about how the Stanford basketball team increased the accuracy of [...]

Sleep Series 2: Sleep Sex and Other Weird Sleep Phenomenon – BSP 024

Some crazy stuff can happen when you sleep. Sleep walking, sleep eating, sleep sex. There is even a case I will be talking about today where a sexual assault case was overturned on the basis that the person doing the assaulting was asleep while perpetrating the act. Because you unconscious mind is in [...]

Sleep Series 1: The Man Who Never Needed to Sleep Again – BSP 023

Never having to sleep again is a desire that many CEOs, inventors, and productive people have. They view sleep as just a time of being unconscious and wasting time. But be careful what you wish for. This is the first episode in my Sleep Series. In it I will go into all aspects of [...]

Are You a Wellness Junkie? – BSP 022

Self improvement is a GOOD thing, but can you have too much of a good thing? Can you be addicted to something like wellness? Yes, absolutely yes. This episode is for you if you think you might be a wellness junkie or an addict of personal growth. This is someone who is doing all [...]

Mastering the Powerful Art of Quitting – BSP 021

"No one likes a quitter." That is a phrase you have probably heard before, in fact you might have some negative connotations with quitting. Maybe you are one of those people who won't ever give up. There are some good things about quitting, especially if you do it actively instead of passively. In [...]

Learn to Control Your Dreams – BSP 019

Are you dreaming now? That is the premise of this podcast episode. There is about a 1 in 10 chance you are dreaming at this moment, but you THINK that you are awake. If you were dreaming right now, what would you do? Would you try to fly? Would you transport yourself to [...]

The Keys to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself – BSP 018

Do you try and improve yourself on a regular basis? I imagine you do, it is human nature to want to better yourself. There are regular battles you are fighting, and I want to show you two of the keys to becoming the BEST possible version of yourself that you can be. These [...]

Four Must Have Tools to be More Productive – BSP 017

Over the years I've come across a few tools that have dramatically increased my productivity and effectiveness. They allow me to have more success in my business, in my relationships, and in whatever hobbies I have picked up. Being an entrepreneur can be difficult because you are both the boss and the worker. [...]

What to Do If You SUCK at Meditation – BSP 015

You want to be able to meditate, but you are just terrible at it. Your mind is constantly thinking about the most random things: from unicorn mating habits to what you are going to eat once you are done meditating. If you've tried meditation but you just really aren't good at it, there [...]

Conquer Fear and Anxiety Using This Samurai Technique – BSP 014

There is an ancient technique that will create more bravery, eliminate fear, and allow you to act even in times of crises. This technique is something samurai practiced and allowed them to be some of the best warriors in all of history. In this episode I teach you this powerful meditation that has [...]

How the Law of Attraction is Hurting You – BSP 013

This is the most controversial episode yet. Some people claim the law of attraction has helped them create multi million dollar businesses and amazing lives. Other people say it is pseudo-science based on the misunderstanding of physics. I thread this delicate needle by explaining a real life story of someone I know and [...]

How to Survive the Storm of Your Thoughts – BSP 012

This episode is a bit different than previous recordings of the podcast. Normally I plan out notes about what I will talking about, but this time I just let the words pour straight from my heart. It's a bit of a raw episode, and the way it is formatted it could almost be [...]

3 Books That Will Change Your Life – BSP 011

Books are the ultimate shortcut to increasing your knowledge. Think about it, someone spent months or years of their life writing about something that they probably spent decades learning about. You get to consume all that knowledge in just a few hundred pages, basically downloading their experience into your brain just like the [...]

Secrets of Hypnosis – BSP 010

Hypnosis is a technique wrapped in mystery. It had it's roots with mesmerism in the the 1700's. Franz Anton Mesmer used his 'animal magnetism' throw people into fits of hysteria and pleasure. Many of the claims of Mesmerism were debunked by a group of scientists (including Benjamin Franklin). However, the root of putting a person [...]

4 Ways Anyone Can Fit in Self Care – BSP 009

You're busy, I get it. You probably have a full time job, kids, hobbies, obligations, responsibilities, and a host of other things that eat up your time. I bet you KNOW you should be fitting in self care. You've read all the studies saying that meditating every day is good for you. Or [...]

The REAL Secret to a Balanced Life – BSP 008

I get it, you probably feel unbalanced. You feel stretched too thin, everyone seems to want something from you. Your job wants you to work more overtime, your kids want you to take them to karate practice and sleep overs, and your spouse gets whatever energy you have left over. Let's not even [...]

Two Questions That Have Taught Me the Most About People – BSP 006

I give you a peek of what it's like in my office. I typically ask the same five questions to every client I see, and in this episode I share two of those questions because I think they are very important. How would you answer these two questions? Leave a comment below. Talking [...]

How to Prime Your Brain to Learn 5x Faster – BSP 005

I am absolutely fascinated about how the brain learns. In this short episode I'm going to talk about how the brain functions, that way you can leverage that knowledge to learn so much faster. So you can learn a new language faster, a new instrument faster, or even learn a new emotional response [...]