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Hey there, I’m Benjamin!

Thanks for coming by. Down below are some resources that I mentioned on the EliteMan podcast. Really effective techniques like my 15 minute guided mindfulness meditation and a podcast episode all about how meditation changes your brain.

This will help you become stronger, have more emotional control, and feel more calm and centered throughout the day.

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Resource 1: Mindfulness meditation

This is a meditation to teach you the basics of mindfulness. Mindfulness gives you more emotional control, which means you are able to handle the shit life throws at you much easier. I recommend a daily meditation practice, because after 8 weeks of daily practice various areas of the brain begin to change.

Resource 2: Podcast episode

If you are interested in meditation and want to find out more about how it changes your brain, check out this episode of the ‘Shut Up, Brain’ podcast.

It’s all about 4 POWERFUL ways that meditation changes your brain according to science.

More episode of the ‘Shut Up, Brain’ Podcast

Using meditation, psychology, and practical neuroscience to help you change your brain and turn your mind into an ally.


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