Insomnia Tests and Where to Take Them

There are various tests to help you determine if you have just have trouble sleeping or if you have a serious case of insomnia. These insomnia quizzes can be administered by your doctor, or found online.

Insomnia Tests at the Doctor’s Office

A doctor won’t be able tell if you have insomnia or not just by how you look. Yes, you might look sleepy and tired, but insomnia is an official diagnosis that can impact many areas of health.

insomnia test using a sleep study

A sleep study test at the doctors office requires you to be monitored by many different machines

So how does a doctor really know if you have insomnia or not?

The doctor will gather evidence, just like a good detective. That evidence might be some sleep tests or questions she asks in her office. Or the doctor might ask you to take some logs of sleep.

When the doctor has more data, they can start to build up a case for you either having (or not having) insomnia.

It’s important to do whatever the doctor suggests, even if it might be inconvenient. Sleep journalling is a good way to help determine how serious your problems with sleep are, but it does require you to keep a daily record of many aspects of your sleep routine.

Your doctor may also recommend you participating in a sleep study (link to the mayo clinic) also known as a polysomnography.

This involves going to a sleep clinic where you are monitored while you sleep. This can help diagnose a variety of problems such as sleep apnea, sleepwalking, or not reaching deep stages of sleep.

If you don’t want to see your doctor yet, there are a couple free online sleep tests that will help determine if you have insomnia or not. You should note that any online test will not be an official diagnosis since that only comes from a doctor.

Online Insomnia Tests

There are many different quizzes you can find online that can give indications if you have insomnia or not. One insomnia quiz offered by the national sleep foundation can be found at this link:

This isn’t a formal quiz, but it does allow you to ask questions to yourself which may help.

Here are a few sample questions from the insomnia quiz:

  • What is your sleep schedule: what time do you go to bed, wake up, and nap during the day? (even short naps count)
  • Is your weekend sleep schedule different from your weekday schedule? Does your work schedule require you to adjust your sleep at all?
  • Do you lie awake feeling anxious or worrying about responsibilities and tasks?

Other Insomnia Tests

A ‘Sleep Type’ Test is Better than an ‘Insomnia’ Test

Getting a formal diagnosis is important to some people which is why they would want to take an insomnia test administered by their doctor. This can allow them to get medication to help them sleep if they choose to go that route.

An insomnia tests for the deep sleep program is the sleep type test

The ‘Sleep Type’ test is the first part of the Deep Sleep Program to train your brain to sleep better at night.

However, I find a much better test to take rather than an insomnia quiz is to take a ‘Sleep Type’ test.

This is a test designed to identify your unique sleep type, which will help you discover your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to sleep. Once you know some of these factors, you can begin to actually IMPROVE your sleep.

You already know you are sleeping bad, but this test helps you figure out WHY your sleep is so horrible (and how to fix it!)

There are four different sleep types:

  • Sentinel Sleep Type: Typically worries a lot and has a mind that won’t shut off and sleep.
  • Grey Phoenix Sleep Type: Mentally strong, but might have experienced a trauma in the past that prevents sleep.
  • Alchemist Sleep Type: Not sleeping might only be a symptom of a larger physical problem. Might already be on a sleep medication like Ambien.
  • Echo Keeper Sleep Type: Usually has physical issues preventing sleep such as chronic pain, light sensitivity, or inability to reach deeper levels of sleep.

You might already have an idea of which sleep type you are, but you won’t know for sure until you take the Sleep Type Test.

How Sleeping More Makes Life Better

The reason you are searching for a sleep test is because you have spent more than one night tossing and turning. Or maybe you wake up in the middle of the night and just can’t get to sleep.

You know that sleep is impacting your life. It’s hurting relationships, sabotaging your career, and more than anything it’s just horrible being tired all the time.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can train your brain to sleep better night after night. You can reclaim the energy you have lost and be more engaged in your life and relationships.

I encourage you to take the Sleep Type Test which is part of my Deep Sleep Program. The test is free and you even get some initial resources to help you sleep. I want you to sleep better night after night.

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