Sleep Series 1: The Man Who Never Needed to Sleep Again – BSP 023

Never having to sleep again is a desire that many CEOs, inventors, and productive people have. They view sleep as just a time of being unconscious and wasting time.

But be careful what you wish for.

This is the first episode in my Sleep Series. In it I will go into all aspects of sleep. From the strange (like the man in this episode who was shot in the head and never had to sleep again), to the medical (teeth grinding, sleep walking), to how you can improve your sleep by training your brain.

This episode will give you a good background in sleep, talk about the various stages of sleep, and talk about why we need sleep. There is also a story about some poor rats that gave up their lives for the science of sleep.

Talking Points:

  • The stages of sleep (N1, N2… REM) and why they are important to deep restful sleep
  • How getting less sleep actually makes you gain weight
  • The effects of lack of sleep on the brain
  • 1989 study on rats with sleep deprivation
  • The story of two men who never had to sleep again

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