Sleep Series 2: Sleep Sex and Other Weird Sleep Phenomenon – BSP 024

Some crazy stuff can happen when you sleep. Sleep walking, sleep eating, sleep sex. There is even a case I will be talking about today where a sexual assault case was overturned on the basis that the person doing the assaulting was asleep while perpetrating the act.

Because you unconscious mind is in control of your body and brain while you sleep, some very strange things can happen. By listening to this episode you will learn not only about some of the stranger (and some more common) sleep phenomenon, but I’ll even talk about how you can solve things like nocturnal teeth grinding.

The end of the episode talks about some medically induced sleep weirdness due to the side effects of drugs like ambien.

Talking Points:

  • Sleep walking and sleep talking: is it normal?
  • A real story about a teeth grinder whose boyfriend called her ‘the biter’
  • How a body builder ruined their diet by sleep eating at night
  • The case of a rape being overturned on the basis of sexsomnia
  • Lucid Dreaming and controlling your dreams
  • Teeth grinding and clenching in your sleep
  • The disturbing side effects of ambien

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