Sleep Series 3: The Ultimate Sports Performance Enhancer – BSP 025

Run higher, jump faster, dodge better, and be more accurate. These are things that top athletes would pay good money for. They sometimes even do illegal things! But sleep might be the best kept secret when it comes to performance enhancing.

I’ll talk about how the Stanford basketball team increased the accuracy of their free throws and 3-point shots by nearly 10%.

I’ll even explain how a rat with a shocking floor says a lot about how you should (or shouldn’t) be studying the night before a big test. Trust me, this is something you are going to want to hear.

Fair warning, there is a lot of science in this episode, but I do my best to break it down and keep things simple

Talking Points:

  • How not getting enough sleep slows your reaction time to the equivalent of being drunk
  • Rats and an electrified floor
  • LeBron James is sleeping much more than you think
  • How to increase your sprint time and accuracy
  • The absolute worst thing you can do during a night of cramming for a test

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