What to Do If You SUCK at Meditation – BSP 015

You want to be able to meditate, but you are just terrible at it.

Your mind is constantly thinking about the most random things: from unicorn mating habits to what you are going to eat once you are done meditating.

If you’ve tried meditation but you just really aren’t good at it, there are some secrets I want to share with you to make meditating easier, make it more effective, and even some tricks to calm your mind down and stop wandering as much.

These strategies will even work if you have ADHD, or if you mind just won’t shut off.

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Talking Points:

  • If your mind is wandering in meditation, are you doing it wrong?
  • The eye of the storm analogy
  • A trick for keeping focused during meditation.
  • Is a quiet mind necessary for meditation?
  • Om Mani Padme Hum
  • Ways to make meditation easier
  • A $10 tool to really help if your mind is wandering non-stop
  • What a REAL meditation practice looks like (hint: I use my own practice as an example!)

Choice Quotes

How to start a new habit

“It’s all about creating a habit. I say just go to the gym for 21 days straight,” he told Samberg. “Don’t even work out if you don’t want to. Go there, look around, spend some time, read a magazine, sit down on the recumbent bike, and just read a magazine and watch everybody work out. And then, you know what? When you’re done, go home.” – Terry Crews

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