Here are 6 quick tips you can use to stop anxiety and overthinking. This all relates to a youtube video I did on the same subject.

Talking Points:

  • Here is the youtube video with the other tips!
  • Clean you room / house for 10 minutes
    • Human beings are influenced by our environment
    • Take 10 minutes and clean
    • You can get a TON done in that time
    • You’ll also feel accomplished which will help you feel good about yourself
  • Start the thing you’ve been putting off
    • Do you have something weighing on your mind?
      • Big project, tough conversation, some responsibility?
    • Starting is the hardest part.
    • Even if you don’t finish then at least you’ve made progress which will help anxiety and racing thoughts.
  • Take a 20 minute Tea Nap
    • Drinking some tea that has a little bit of caffeine
    • Napping relaxes the body, relaxes the mind.
    • Can be escapism if you do it too often.
    • Even if you don’t sleep, you’ll find after 20 minutes of relaxing you probably feel a bit better.
  • Listen to an audio book or podcast
    • Audio books and podcasts can promote relaxation and contentment
    • Be mindful of what you read
  • Sing
    • Erika
    • Singing. Focusing on the melody and remembering the lyrics takes your mind off the anxious thoughts. Singing engages the body and forces you to breathe deeply. If you choose an emotional song, it can also be a great way to vent your own emotions, or you can pick one that is more happy or empowering to lift your spirit. Now I’m really not a great singer myself, but I love it anyway and it’s absolutely the quickest way for me to snap out of a negative mood. Dancing is also an option for those that are uncomfortable with singing.
  • What works for you?
    • For me, it’s a motorcycle ride.
    • Or play Apex legends

Action Steps:

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