BrilliantSide Basics


Helping motivated people change bad mental patterns and gain more confidence. 


Produce products that really help people – The two metrics that determine if a product is helping are:

  1. If people buy a product, and then later on buy another one (returning, happy customers).
  2. The feedback, reviews, and surveys that customers fill out.

Give First – Giving shouldn’t just happen when you are super successful. That’s why even from the very beginning BrilliantSide gives in the form of free helpful resources, insightful podcasts, and a portion of our profits to charity.

Be audience guided – Focus on building the tools that my audience wants most, not what I think is best for them.

Build relationships – No one is an island. By connecting with my listeners, viewers, and visitors as much as possible I can help more. I foster a place where real relationships and a community can form, and people can connect to help each other and share experiences. I remain as accessible as possible.

Explain everything – Knowledge of how specific tools work (like meditation or hypnosis) and how the brain works can help people make powerful adjustments in their life. Be clear about how to use tools and do so in an engaging manner.


BrilliantSide is NOT for everyone – By trying to serve everyone, you serve no one. Instead I focus on the people that are able to connect with my message the most, the people that are motivated to change, and those that are able to problem solve in their own life. I help the helpers.

Focus on progress, not perfection – Sometimes a target just serves as a reference point, and you might not ever hit it. Everyone is at a different point of the journey and progress can be made whether you are an expert or someone completely new.

Empower others. No gurus. Be real. – Teachers can often be placed on a pedestal. That can lead to a harmful power dynamic which hurts the student and the teacher. Focus on authenticity and share the hard things.

Default to generosity – Be kind with customer interactions. Appreciate where people are coming from. Go the extra mile like you would for a family member or friend.

Self improvement doesn’t have to be serious – It’s okay to laugh at mistakes. It’s okay to not ‘get it’ at first. It’s okay to be human and realize that you are just on one part of this path. Learning is most effective when you are having fun, so make this path an enjoyable one.

Hi! I’m Benjamin

Just hanging out in an alley dressed up like I usually do 😉

I created BrilliantSide because I wanted to do something more.

Have you felt that way before?

That you were living a bit too small?

You see, for years I worked as medical hypnotist in Boise, Idaho that specialized in helping people with issues like sleep, anxiety, confidence, and finding their purpose. I enjoyed helping people 1-on-1 locally, but I decided that I can take that knowledge I’ve gained and transfer it online.

I started off tentatively by releasing my first product to help people with insomnia ( Deep Sleep for the Busy Mind ) while I still ran my private practice on the side.

What I experienced was people I didn’t know all over the world actually sleeping better from something I created. This was an amazing feeling! Helping people without actually having to be in the same room as them.

I could now help people at scale! This was the BIG thing I wanted to do.

I wanted to extend this further so I launched my show in 2017 called the ‘Shut Up, Brain’ Podcast to help people in an entertaining and informative way. I covered topics like anxiety, meditation, and impostor syndrome.

After getting just a tiny bit of success, I’ve gotten the bug. This is what I want to do. So in late 2017 I shut down my private practice and decided to focus all my efforts on BrilliantSide.

What I’m creating: 

  • Free and premium guided meditations to help people
  • Awesome podcast episodes
  • Hypnosis sessions I call ‘Brain Boosts’
  • Advanced courses for specific problems like my Deep Sleep for the Busy Mind insomnia course
  • Articles written by me and guest posts by some amazing experts