The clothes you wear can influence those around you as well as how you act. In this episode of the podcast I go into the science that says that by dressing well you can be more likely to negotiate a beneficial deal. By dressing more intelligently you can actually perform better on tests.

I also go into some easy rules you can follow to step up your fashion game in an easy (and not expensive!) way.

Talking Points:

Action Steps:

  • Start with elimination: Go through your closet and throw out/donate the clothes that don’t make you feel good. Those pants that don’t fit. The shirt with the food stain.
  • Buy one nice piece of clothing.
  • At the very least, replace all your socks!
  • The third piece rule: Add a third piece of clothing (Shirt, T-shirt)
    • jacket, blazer, sweater, vest or statement accessory

Resources & References

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