Your brain often times takes short cuts that lead you to the wrong decisions. These are known as ‘cognitive biases’. By becoming aware of them you can start to change your behavior and succeed in your life more often (or at least make less mistakes!)

In this episode I show you how to spot them and the best way to more frequently make the right decision based on logic.

Talking Points:

  • A cognitive bias is a mental shortcut your brain takes in order to make a quick (and hopefully accurate) decision
  • The brain is processing so much information!
  • What is going on at an unconscious level
  • How hypnosis is involved
  • How cognitive biases affect
    • Your relationships
    • Your financial life and career
    • Your mental health
  • By being aware of these cognitive shortcuts, we can take them into account when we make decisions
  • Example of the Frequence illusion when it comes to me wanting an electric skateboard
  • We can be aware of all biases, but we can know that:
    • Information overload sucks, so our brain aggressively filters out information.
    • Lack of meaning is confusing, so we fill in the gaps.
    • We need to act fast so we jump to conclusions.
    • We form mental models based on our past actions of the world.
  • Being aware of these cognitive biases helps avoid them

Action Steps:

  • Go to the blog article and read through it. See if you can apply some of those biases to your life. Be aware of them over the next week! 

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