In this episode of the shut up brain podcast I talk about the 3 real life strategies you can use to overcome cravings and urges. Whether it be cravings for sugar, cravings for attention, or even urges to act out in anger. These three techniques apply to all of those things. The most powerful is what I call the “Ace Ventura” method, so you are going to want to tune in for that one.

Talking Points:

  • Why I changed the topic for this episode
  • Giving myself a 30 day challenge of no sugar
  • How a person can fall into a bad habit without realizing it
  • Three strategies for dealing with urges and cravings
    • Mindfulness – The Ace Ventura method
      • “If I’m not back in five minutes… just wait longer”
    • Commiserating with others
      • Co-Regulation
    • Do something else
      • Rewire your brain to not go to the same reward center
  • Going deeper if you have addictions
  • My recap of what it felt like the next day (do these techniques actually work?)

Action Steps:

  • Use one (or all) of these three methods to overcome an urge you have in the next week.

Resources & References

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