Deep Sleep Program

For those with a racing mind that just won’t ‘shut up’ and sleep!

The shortcut to sleeping naturally

I met Ann after her brush with death when she nearly crashed her car. She was an excellent driver, but she had only gotten about four hours sleep the night before. This incident was the final breaking point for her.

You see, Ann was your typical working mom who struggled to get more than five hours of sleep a night. She had two young kids, worked full time as a photographer, and her stress and anxiety were at the limit.

She knew that her lack of sleep was making the rest of her life much harder than it had to be.

She felt like a bad mom for being too tired to give her kids the attention they needed. Her business was struggling because she was so overwhelmed.

Ann was exhausted and stumbling through life like a zombie. She just couldn’t shut off her mind and sleep at night, and it was ruining her life.

One day she nearly got into a car accident on the freeway because she was so tired. She safely pulled over to the side of the road and asked herself…

“Is life supposed to be this exhausting?”

The answer to that question is, no!

You can train your brain to sleep and live a wonderful life if you have the right tools. Ann did it and now she goes to sleep fast and stays asleep all night.

If Ann’s story reminds you of your own, know that you too can train your brain to sleep too.

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What People are Saying…

alice-testimonial“I have always had a hard time getting to sleep, even when I was a kid. I would replay things that had happened throughout my day over and over. This was such a regular occurrence, I even came up with a name for it: Busy Brain.  The Brilliant Side Sleep Blueprint Program has helped me fall asleep in a matter of minutes! It helps me shut off my Busy Brain and relax. The layered binaural beats are a soothing addition to Ben’s calm suggestions.” – Alice G.

marissa“I’ve always had trouble falling asleep. I can’t turn off my thoughts and I start to notice aches and pains in my shoulders and neck. I saw an ad on Facebook and decided to give Ben’s sleep program a try. I LOVE his Dream Catcher sleep hypnosis mp3! I used it regularly for a few weeks until I realized that I was able to fall asleep on my own. Following the sleep program helped me train my brain into falling asleep more quickly and easily. Anytime I am having a rough time falling asleep, I pull up the mp3 on my phone and I’m asleep within minutes. Thank you, Ben! ” – Marissa B.