A fear of death can paralyze you from living a good life. If you are constantly thinking about you or your loved ones dying then happiness is hard to come by. In this episode I go over the real life strategies I’ve used to help minimize my fear of death and begin living a life of gratitude. If you have death anxiety this it the podcast for you!

Talking Points:

  • Sabrina and her fear of death
  • Why overcoming your fear of death is crucial to enjoying life
  • The steps needed to overcome death
    • Decide what you think happens when you die
    • Overcoming the fear of ‘dying’ and the pain associated with it
    • Living your new belief (creating a will, life insurance, etc…)
    • Gratitude
  • This journey can take a long time… months or years
  • Leads to immense satisfaction
  • Lots of disclaimers!

Action Steps:

Resources & References

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