The happiest man in the world (according to science) has some advice for you. No, I’m not the worlds happiest man, although I took his advice and I am quite a bit more chipper now than I used to be. What scientists discovered is how happy a brain can be, and I’ve got news for you, it’s off the charts compared to what they thought was possible before.

In this episode of the podcast I go over the way you can hack your brain to produce more of those happy brainwaves. This increases the parts of the brain associated with happiness and compassion, and actually weaken the areas that promote negativity. This leads to a base level increase of your happiness.

Talking Points:

  • (2:30) How happiness can be trained just like running
  • (7:00) Happiness is a skill. Did you learn your happiness skills when you were a kid?
  • (9:00) Building up a skill requires work, effort, and it kind of sucks at first.
  • (10:00) How one skill can apply to many different areas of your life
  • (11:30) The Happiest Man in the world according to science
  • (13:25) How scientists measured happiness
  • (15:15) The key to training your brain to be happier
  • (15:45) The difference between happiness and wellbeing
  • (17:44) Why I’ve been a hypocrite
  • (18:30) How I increased my happiness by 20%
  • (30:00) This is the last episode for 2017! 2018 is going to be amazing… a preview of whats to come.

Action Steps:

  • Listen to the loving kindness meditation to increase your happiness. Give yourself a 30 day challenge.
  • Get the coupon code for my Loving Kindness Meditation by signing up above.

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