When you feel like you are being taken advantage of on a regular basis that is a sign that you have a lack of boundaries in place. During this episode I go into detail about why boundaries are so important by reading a letter from a listener. Her boyfriend struggles with anxiety and is relying on her too much in lieu of getting professional help. I talk about how to deal with that situation by setting up boundaries, and how that can apply to your life too.

Talking Points:

  • Felicity’s letter about her boyfriend with anxiety
    • She is a strong leader
    • Her boyfriend has anxiety and is leaning on her too much
    • This adds a lot of pressure to her life
    • What to do?
  • What do you do if you are being taken advantage of?
  • Boundaries
  • You can have boundaries in various areas
    • Relationships
    • Friendships
    • Job
    • With yourself
  • Being willing to have a difficult conversation
  • It doesn’t always go well
  • Placing boundaries is a way to have a LONG TERM relationship
  • Setting boundaries with yourself
  • Example: The friend with the truck who is always taken advantage of
  • Example: Your job who always calls you on your day off
  • Call to action: If you are interested in getting on a call with me, let me know!

Action Steps:

  • What boundaries can you place in your own life? 

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