If you have something you’ve been avoiding, some big, hairy task you need to do… something that just feels impossible. This is the episode for you.

Before you listen to the episode please check out this youtube video of a sudoku player from Cracking the Cryptic as it is the focus of this episode.

Talking Points:

  • Watch this video first before you listen
  • What to do if there is an impossible task in your life?
  • Lessons from the video
  • Be curious
    • In the video Simon Anthony thinks it’s impossible as soon as he sees the puzzle. He is thrown off a bit, but eventually he starts anyway just out of curiosity. He fully expects to call his friend in a couple minutes to tell him ‘ha ha funny joke’
    • “There might be a unique way to do this but it’s not going to be findable by a human being. I suspect this is going to be a short video because my friend is trolling me”
    • Arnold – I love when people say that this has never been done before, because then when I do it, I’m the first one!
  • Start with solving the first step in the problem
    • Ask yourself, “How would I do this if it were possible?”
    • Start with that first step
    • He starts by outlining the rules of the game and figuring out if he could just put 1 number down.
    • Reminds me of mountain climbing or bouldering
    • “What is the next right action I can take?
  • Build momentum
    • This is the fun part, yes it’s work, but challenges is where we get all of the fun in life. We make progress. We learn. We overcome. Take one step after another.
  • The rules / obstacles, eventually became the way the puzzle was solved
    • We all have limitations. We have obstacles blocking our path. At first these seem insurmountable.
    • But eventually it’s these very obstacles that help us to succeed later on.
      • Example: I was small as a fighter, but eventually I used that as a strength
      • Emily Blunt,
        • Movies: Edge of tomorrow, A quiet place, Mary Poppins
        • as a childhood she had a horrible stutter. Her speech impediment made even basic conversation difficult. It was only a chance suggestion by a teacher, that she give acting a go, that she was able to conquer it. Speech coaches didn’t work but acting did, and Emily’s career was able to begin
      • Arnold Schwarzeneggar – People told him his accent was too thick. That people couldn’t understand him. Couldn’t spell his name. But in the end these things helped him stand out and become even more successful.
  • Potential Failure shouldn’t be a deciding factor whether or not you continue –
    • It wasn’t until 19:20 seconds of a 25 minute video that he thought he might succeed.
      • That means he was fully okay putting in effort knowing that there might be failure, in fact, based on his own experience he was most likely going to fail to succeed in this puzzle.
  • How do you apply this to your life
    • Think about successes you’ve had in your own life, especially those times where you didn’t think you would succeed, but you did somehow.
      • Did you apply some of these lessons?
      • What would have happened if you applied all of them to the current problems in your life?
    • This is a process, or a framework you can use for problem solving
    • You get better at this the more you do it

Action Steps:

  • How can you apply these 5 lessons to a difficult/impossible task in your own life?
  • If you have a question you want me to answer on the show, write int to advice@brilliantside.com (Note that anything you share I will be able to read on the show unless you explicitly tell me otherwise. So don’t share anything you don’t want on a podcast episode)
  • Do you have a victory or success? I wanna hear about it! Write in to advice@brilliantside.com too.

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