If you are constantly thinking about work when you are not working then you will want to listen to this episode. I go over the causes of this type of overthinking, as well as ways you can train your brain to leave work at work so you can enjoy your time off.

Talking Points:

  • Why we can’t stop thinking about work
    • We love it so much
    • It’s so stressful
    • Working too much
  • How this is detrimental
    • Affects your relationships, happiness, sleep, and your work
  • Why I’m in a unique position to talk about this
    • My own business
    • Work from home now
  • #1 – Create a state change
    • Change clothes when you get home
    • Dance –
    • Go straight from work to the gym
  • #2 Shut down ritual
    • Cal Newports example of his shutdown ritual
    • A good thing to do if you worry about things you may have forgotten
  • #3 Have something else to look forward to
    • Tim Ferris and the 3 ways to spend your time
      • Something that makes you money
      • Something that keeps you physically active
      • Something that uses your mind or creative side
  • $4 Create boundaries with work

Action Steps:

  • Try one of those methods for helping you shut off those work related thoughts in your head. Also please sign up to my Early Access crew if you are an action taker that wants to help me with my ‘Stop Overthinking’ course

Resources & References

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