It’s not uncommon to feel guilty about getting yourself something special, even if you really need it. This episode is dedicated to breaking down some of those false beliefs that are preventing you from investing in yourself and your own happiness.

Talking Points:

  • My story of tires that needed to be replaced
  • Have you been in a situation you think is so bad that you didn’t even want to get help?
  • Challenging your beliefs
    • What sort of beliefs do you have around getting help?
    • Katie’s letter
  • Invest in your happiness
    • Counseling / coaching
    • Common but expensive
    • Do you have a belief that a mental health issue isn’t as important as a physical health issue?
  • Investing in books and apps
  • Investing in digital courses
    • Why courses are a cheatcode for learning
  • Money isn’t your only resource
  • Are you investing in your happiness or in your stress?
  • Finishing Katie’s letter
  • Why I’m considering buying a digital course
  • Final questions

Action Steps:

  • What can you do to invest in your happiness today? 

Resources & References

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