Loving Kindness Meditation for Happiness


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This meditation trains your brain to raise your base line of happiness through the practice of compassion and kindness.


  • Increased happiness

  • Loving self more

  • More patience

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A Buddhist monk was hooked up with over 200 sensors to measure exactly what was going on in his brain. They had him focus on feelings of loving kindness (just like this meditation) at the same time the scientists studied the feedback of those sensors.

What they discovered SHOCKED them.

His brain was producing gamma waves higher than they had seen. Not only that, he also demonstrated excessive activity in his brain’s left prefrontal cortex compared to its right counterpart. This means he had an abnormally large capacity for happiness and a reduced predisposition towards negativity. He was naturally happier and remained positive even during tough situations.

Scientists didn’t realize a brain could be this happy.

Should YOU Get This ‘Loving Kindness’ Meditation?

This meditation is perfect for you if you fit into at least one of these categories:

  • There is someone difficult in your life that seems to be draining your happiness
  • Loving yourself seems like a very difficult task, and you experience more negative self talk than you would like
  • You want to increase your base level of happiness

If any of those things sound like you then I would highly recommend getting this meditation.

Increase Your Base Line of Happiness

This meditation increases your base line of happiness over time

I’m a medical hypnotist and if you came into my office struggling with a relationship in your life, whether it be a micromanaging boss or a mean family member, I might recommend this loving kindness meditation to you. I do this knowing about all of the great changes this meditation can produce in the brain, but I never really had much personal experience with it.

Yes I had used a loving kindness meditation a handful of times, but never consistently.

Then in the spring of 2017 I decided to give myself a 30 day loving kindness meditation challenge. During that time I would forgo my usual mindfulness based meditation and instead only meditation on compassion.

Wow, the difference I experienced at the end of the month was amazing! After meditating for 30 days I really felt happier.

Its hard to quantify, but I would estimate I felt about 20% happier than usual. Probably the biggest testimonial of the power of this type of meditation is the fact that I now include it as part of my regular routine. Now I will meditate one day mindfully, and the next day I will meditate on loving kindness. It is THAT good.

You should give it a try that way you can give your brain the head-start to happiness.

How to Get the Most Out of This Loving Kindness Meditation

Like most things involving change, this meditation works best if you give it time and consistency. You don’t go to the gym once and except six-pack abs. You don’t have one golf lesson and expect to be the next Tiger Woods. These things take time and active effort. Happiness is the same way.

I recommend giving yourself the 30 day challenge

Listen to this loving kindness meditation once a day for 30 days and see how you feel. Once you start getting into the groove of things start applying the principles to your life when you aren’t meditating. That means practicing kindness in your REAL life.

If your neighbor is carrying something heavy in their apartment, give them a hand.

If an old man cuts you off in traffic, give him the benefit of the doubt instead of getting angry.

When a friend is really hurting from that breakup, just listen and be a shoulder to cry on.

It’s that simple.

Because of this meditation those things become not only easier to do, they become second nature. They become the automatic response you have to the world around. Walking with kindness and grace even when things aren’t going perfectly. This leads to MORE happiness and more resiliency. You become stronger and life gets easier.

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    So glad to have stumbled across Bens meditations. I would highly reccomend all of them!

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