I have a close friend who battled clinical depression for years. Now that he is happy and on the other side, I ask him to tell his story as well as give any tips that he has for those that are also fighting depression.

Talking Points:

  • Why this episode is different
  • Greg’s story
  • How life events created the fertile ground for depression to start
  • What the day to day life of depression looks like (it may not be what you expect)
  • The catalyst for getting out of depression
  • Greg’s actionable steps to fight depression
    • Medication
    • Counseling
    • Getting out of your head with a hobby (playing piano)
    • Exercise
    • Laughing more (Stand up comedy)
  • How long it took to get out of the depression mindset

Action Steps:

  • If you have anything you want to pass on to Greg, send me an email and I can forward it to him!

Resources & References

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