Secrets of meditation, psychology, and practical neuroscience to help you change your brain and turn your mind into an ally.

Make a change in 2020 – SUB 102

This is such an important episode to listen to if you want to make a change in 2020. But don't wait until January 1st! Listen to it before then if you can. [...]

Managing stress at work with Julia Arndt

An interview with ex-googler and stress management coach Julia Arndt about how to recognize and reduce stress at work. Key tips to help you avoid burnout and stay productive. Julia's Links: Holiday [...]

The Best Lessons from 100 Episodes – SUB 100

I've recorded 100 episodes of the podcast now and reached my goal. I talk about the lessons I've learned from undertaking (and completing) such a big project, some of the hidden backstory you [...]

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