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Secrets of meditation, psychology, and practical neuroscience to help you change your brain and turn your mind into an ally.

The $25,000 Productivity Method – SUB 036

Increasing the amount of tasks you can accomplish in a day is the essence of productivity. When you accomplish the right tasks on a consistent basis you can crush HUGE goals in your [...]

Create a Positive Body Image (real world strategies) – SUB 035

Your body image can have a big impact on your happiness, productivity, and relationships. When you aren't feeling comfortable in your skin then you don't exude the sort of natural confidence that we [...]

Waking Up at 6am for a Year (the good and the bad parts) – SUB 034

Waking up at 5am or 6am every day is what many successful CEO's and founders of Fortune 100 companies do.  A badge of success seems to be waking up 2 or 3 hours [...]

How to Get Started When You Feel Overwhelmed – SUB 033

Have you had a goal that is so big and important that it causes you to procrastinate and put things off? You know you NEED to do it, but your feeling of being overwhelmed [...]

5 Habits to Make Your Day Easier – SUB 032

In this episode of the Shut Up Brain podcast I break down the 5 essential real world habits that can make your life easier. Through trial and error I've discovered the main habits [...]

The Disappointment Antidote – SUB 031

In this episode of the Shut Up, Brain podcast I talk about disappointment, managing expectations, and how you might have some hidden expectations you are placing on yourself or others. I'll show you how [...]

Feeling Hopeless – SUB 030

How can a someone who is 30 years old, has never had a girlfriend, barely any friends, has job they hate, manage to turn their life around? This person feels hopeless. Have you [...]

Turn Your Weakness into a Strength (step by step) – SUB 029

You've heard beliefs are a powerful thing, but did you know that the way you view a situation can change the pain you physically feel if your arm was cut off? It's true, [...]

Proven Methods to Stop Over Thinking – SUB 028

If you get caught in a pattern of over thinking it can be hard to stop. Your brain just keeps chatting whether you are trying to fall asleep, or enjoy a vacation, or [...]

The 10 Minute Weekly Habit That Creates Success – SUB 027

The most IMPORTANT habit anyone can do really only takes about 10 minutes each week. This habit can be the catalyst to create massive positive growth in your life. Improving relationships, your career, [...]

How to Pick Yourself Back Up When Life BEATS You Down – SUB 026

Life is a ruthless experience that can leave you beat, bloody, and with no hope left. Whether it be a job loss or a broken heart, these storms of life happen to everyone [...]

How to Change Course to Avoid a BIG Failure – SUB 025

Most failures might appear to end in a fiery explosion, but the groundwork for that failure was laid weeks, months or even years before the cataclysmic event. They arrive because of a series [...]

Breaking Bad Habits and STAYING on the Right Path – SUB 023

When you are on the path life seems good. You are eating the right foods, cultivating the right habits, and enjoying healthy relationships. When you fall off the path though... that's when things [...]

Automatic Ways to BOOST Productivity and Nail Your Goals – SUB 022

Have you failed at your goals again and again? Maybe you set some goals recently but you didn't achieve them, and you are beating yourself up. Those goals were realistic, you should have [...]

How to CARVE a New Habit Into Your Brain – SUB 021

What if creating a new habit was as easy as carving your name into a piece of wood? That might be a little difficult if all you have is a spoon. But if [...]

The Happiness Brain Hack – SUB 020

The happiest man in the world (according to science) has some advice for you. No, I'm not the worlds happiest man, although I took his advice and I am quite a bit more [...]

How to Help Someone With Anxiety – SUB 019

If someone you know has anxiety, you are going to want to listen to this episode. I give those that care for people with anxiety some great tips to make your life (and [...]

Holiday Anxiety Survival Tips – SUB 018

If holidays cause you more stress than relaxation, then you are going to want to listen to this episode of the 'Shut Up, Brain' Podcast. I go over my very best survival tips [...]

How to Stop a Panic or Anxiety Attack – SUB 017

If you have suffered from panic attacks or anxiety attacks and you want to know how to stop them, this is a must listen to episode of 'Shut Up, Brain'. You know that [...]

Being Kind to Yourself, Meditation, and Mindfulness with Joelle Anderson – SUB 016

Joelle Anderson is a meditation instructor and psychotherapist who takes a modern approach to mindfulness. Her youtube videos have captured a young and vibrant audience who are interested in finding real tools to [...]

Tricking Your Brain to Make Logical Choices – SUB 015

The dream of many people is to be able to use logic to make their decisions rather than being swayed by the emotional winds of life. To effortlessly be able to choose to [...]

Boosting Mental Toughness and Gratitude – SUB 014

This episode is all about how you can use stories as a mental cheat code to boost your mental toughness, gratitude, or really any emotional resource you need. I will give two examples [...]

I’m So MAD! How to Control Anger So it Doesn’t Control You – SUB 013

When anger is controlling you it will cause you to lash out at others and and constantly needing to apologize for times you were out of control. I know, I experienced this in [...]

The Key to Waking Up Early and Actually Enjoying it – SUB 012

Sometimes all it takes is a simple shift to go from hitting the snooze button a dozen times to being able to look forward to waking up in the morning! It doesn't require [...]

Being the Only Anxious Person You Know – SUB 011

Struggling with anxiety can be an extremely lonely battle to fight. You feel like the only one you know that deals with ruminating thoughts that prevent you from living life. You spend so [...]

Mistakes of Beginner Meditators – SUB 010

Meditating is a skill that creates focus and helps one manage anxiety. However, there are a bunch of mistakes that new meditators make that are easily avoided with a little bit of knowledge. [...]

Four Simple Ways to Quiet Your Mind – SUB 009

Brains are fantastic at creating feelings of anxiousness and sometimes you just want your mind to quiet down. There are unhealthy ways to quiet your mind like drinking too much or binging on [...]

How to Succeed at Your Goals AND Stop Worrying – SUB 008

Worrying thoughts can actually prevent you from succeeding at your goals. But the same mechanism that your brain uses to create worries can actually be used to increase your chance of success by [...]

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome – SUB 007

Is there a feeling in the back of your mind that you are a fraud who has no idea what they are doing, and at any minute you are going to get 'found [...]

How to Stop Giving a F$#% About Stuff That Doesn’t Matter – SUB 006

Wouldn't it be nice to not care about stuff that isn't important and not be bothered by some of the storms that life throws at you? To not care about the jerk the [...]

Using Your Mind to Stop Self Sabotage – SUB 005

Have you ever made a goal to eat healthier and for the first few days you are doing great, but a few weeks later you find yourself eating too many cupcakes? You are [...]

How to Love Your Body Even if You Hate it – SUB 004

Some of the messages we receive from society (and from our own brains) can create a deep sense of dislike or even hate for our body. Why aren't my muscles bigger? Why is [...]

Ways to Stop the Negative Self Talk – SUB 003

Your brain can be your worst enemy when it is constantly replaying your worst fears, past mistakes, and catastrophizing the future with negative self talk. This is a prime example when you would [...]

4 Powerful Ways that Meditation Changes the Grey Matter in Your Brain – SUB 002

You can build up the grey matter in your brain giving you more thinking power just like you would build up your muscles in the gym. It doesn't require eating tons of protein [...]

How to Activate HYPER Learning Mode in Your Brain – SUB 001

There is a powerful way to shift your brain into a heightened state of learning. This can help you learn much FASTER than you normally can. Whether it be learning a new language, [...]