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The goal of BrilliantSide is simple: Help people change bad mental patterns and improve their world.

The more you know about yourself and how your mind works the less you will sabotage your own success.

When you know what is going on in your brain you can learn the tools to break bad patterns like anxiety or insomnia.

When you improve your little slice of the world, it starts to make the whole planet a little bit better.

When you feel like something has to change.

BrilliantSide is for you if…

  • You have anxiety that limits your life.

  • You sometimes feel like your brain is your worst enemy.

  • You are feeling a bit lost in life and in need of direction.

  • You are willing to work hard for things you really want.

The Best Podcast Episodes to Start With

Have you ever told your brain to shut up?

We all have and that’s why I created the ‘Shut Up, Brain’ podcast. The goal of the podcast is to give you the best mental tools and strategies to help you conquer your brain and make living life a little bit easier.

The podcast covers the following topics:

  • Breaking negative patterns like anxiety, procrastination, and fear
  • Increasing productivity
  • Teaching powerful mental tools like meditation and hypnosis
  • Explaining how the brain learns
  • Creating more happiness
  • Dealing with trauma and stress
  • Entertaining and inspiring stories
  • Helpful expert guests

How to Pick Yourself Back Up When Life BEATS You Down SUB 026

This was one of my absolute favorite episodes to record. It should help to inspire you and also give you good strategies to use during those times where life just gets you down. Make sure you save this episode to re-listen to later if you are ever having a bad day.

The Key to Waking Up Early and Actually Enjoying it SUB 012

I have always considered myself a night owl, someone who hit snooze dozens of times and HATED getting out of bed. Now that is not the case. Mornings are my favorite time. This podcast gives you some tried and tested tips that helped me conquer the morning so you can too.

How to Stop Giving a F$#% About Stuff That Doesn’t Matter SUB 006

This is the perfect episode to listen to if you just seem to care too much. Whether it be caring too much about your job, or what strangers think of you, or even what you think of yourself. I don’t pull any punches and this episode is like a splash of refreshing water that should leave you feeling more relaxed!

The Best Guided Meditation To Start with (It’s free!)

One of the best tools you can learn to increase confidence, lower anxiety, and be more badass is meditation.

Meditation is NOT what you think it is. It’s not about calming your mind or stopping your brain from thinking. That is almost impossible to do (seriously, try not to think of anything right now…. super hard!)

What meditation is really for is understanding who you are.

When you do that then you are able to understand why you sabotage yourself and how to stop that pattern in your life. You are able to question the beliefs that are causing your anxiety to increase your confidence. You take your power back and you can turn your mind into an ally rather than an enemy.

This tool is so powerful and so important I give it away for free. You can learn exactly how to meditate with my free ‘7 Day Meditation Challenge‘. This course includes the same guided meditations I gave to my clients that helped them conquer battles like insomnia, stress, and chronic pain.

Meditation isn’t magic, but you will be surprised how easy life can be when you aren’t fighting yourself.  Download that meditation now and listen.

Free 7 Day Guided Meditation Course


Benjamin Schoeffler, Ch,t.
Board Certified Medical Hypnotist

Why I Can Help You

I’ve spent my career studying how the brain learns, why we make decisions, and why people get stuck in patterns of destructive behavior. I made it my mission to help people break those patterns and to learn new ways of living.

I do this with:

  • The latest tools from psychology (as well as long forgotten tools that still work today)
  • Discoveries in practical neuroscience to show you how your brain learns, so you can maximize your potential for change.
  • Leveraging unconscious learning through hypnosis and guided meditation to change automatic behavior.