Today’s letter comes from Katelynn who is struggling to find a hobby and find that she is often times bored and uninterested on the evenings and weekends. In this episode I dive into how you can find a hobby you love and overcome the obstacles of adding it to your life.

Talking Points:

  • Katelynns letter
  • Why I have so much experience with hobbies
  • How to find a hobby you enjoy
  • What are the ‘hidden benefits’ of hobbies
  • The number one obstacle keeping people from starting and maintaining hobbies
  • Are you doing things you don’t consider a hobby but really are?
  • Is reading, video games, or netflix a legitimate hobby?
  • Do you really NEED a hobby or is it just outside pressure?

Action Steps:

  • What hobby do you want to start in your life? Take action on it in the next hour.

Resources & References

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