I’ve recorded 100 episodes of the podcast now and reached my goal. I talk about the lessons I’ve learned from undertaking (and completing) such a big project, some of the hidden backstory you may not know about, and whats next for the Shut Up, Brain podcast.

Talking Points:

  • This is an episode for long time listeners of the show
  • Lesson 1: Consistency is powerful (but not everything)
    • The episode with the Fire analogy SUB 063
  • Lesson 2: Permission to view BrilliantSide as a hobby instead of a busineses
    • Some blunt talk about how much this podcast costs
  • Lesson 3: Clarity beats cleverness with content titles
    • My story of helping people with pain because language is powerful
  • Lesson 4: Everyone has problems
    • The letters everyone writes in
    • Everyone has problems… how do you tackle them?
    • How I tackled my debt problem
      • Recognize there is a problem
      • Get inspired
      • Put a plan in place and follow it
  • Lesson 5: Patience in order to succeed
    • I created 82 episodes of podcasts (3 different podcasts) before I started to gain traction
    • How I use the concept of re-evaluation at certain time periods
  • Where the podcast is going from here now that I’ve met my goal of 100 episodes

Action Steps:

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