FOMO (fear of missing out) is a compulsive desire to experience something or be somewhere motivated not by what you gain, but rather by the fear of what you will potentially lose. This idea of loss is usually imagined. In this episode I go over 5 psychological tips that will help you fight FOMO and enjoy the moment more.

Talking Points:

  • FOMO is the all-consuming feeling you’re missing out on something
  • What creates FOMO
  • What the science says about FOMO and social media
  • Human beings are hard wired to put more value on losses rather than gains
  • Facing the truth about FOMO
  • Tip #1: Limit your social media
    • Try limiting it an hour per day. Or perhaps uninstalling an app during the weekdays and installing it on the weekends.
  • Tip #2: Realize the lies that social media tells
    • My ‘happy’ 4th of july
  • Tip #3: Ask yourself if you REALLY would want to do those things
    • Helpful for introverts
  • Tip #4: Focus on the gains rather than the loses – target fixation
    • Motorcycle story
  • Tip #5: You are going to miss out on some things
    • What’s the difference between going to 100 parties in a lifetime VS 150 parties?

Action Steps:

  • Try one of these 5 tips in order to overcome your FOMO. If you have any other tips, please post them in the comments below! 

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