Procrastination doesn’t have to be a negative if used correctly. In this episode I go over two vastly different strategies that will help you stop putting things off and get more done. One of the methods even uses procrastination to your own benefit!

Talking Points:

  • How this will help you get big projects done and avoid the guilt of procrastination
  • This isn’t a method to stop procrastinating, although it can be used like that
  • Strategic procrastination
    • Video game method… level up before the big boss!
  • Timed Samurai Method to end procrastination
    • A quote from a samurai to inspire you to dash headlong into battle
    • Why timing the task is important (hint: it builds self efficacy!)
  • Why you should recognize your victories and catch yourself succeeding.
    • It helps your brain learn!

Action Steps:

Resources & References

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