Have you ever been doing things to improve your life and you still seem stuck? You look at articles about the top 5 ways to reduce anxiety and they don’t seem to work for you. You watch youtube videos on how to improve your relationships and they don’t help. You read self help books and listen to podcasts like this, but life isn’t getting better.

You are not alone.

This episode was sparked by two emails I received from different listeners. One from Alesandra and the other from Nadia. Both are listeners to the Shut Up, Brain podcast and have overcome a few challenges in their lives. An alternative title for this episode could be, “Don’t give up!”

If you feel a bit stuck in life even though you seem to be doing the right things, this episode will provide equal doses of inspiration and tactics.

Talking Points:

  • Alesandra’s letter
    • Bad job, but she switched it. Got a new house, but still wasn’t happy.
    • Didn’t give up!
    • Started meditating, exercise, reading, morning routine, removing toxic relationships etc…
    • Eventually created the change she was seeking
  • Lessons from Alesandra’s letter
    • Take action
    • Do not give up
      • Keep trying things to make a change
    • It was not just one thing…
      • She changed jobs
      • Started meditating
      • Exercising
      • Podcasts
      • Started a healthy morning routine
      • Reading more
      • Took stock of the people in her life
    • Did not do it all at once… just a bit at a time
  • Nadia’s letter
    • Londoner who tried meditation and yoga, but it didn’t seem to help
    • Depressed
  • Lessons for Nadia’s letter
    • That yoga and meditation aren’t an immediate cure
      • Yes they can help, but they aren’t a cure-all
      • Doing them with the right mindset
    • Therapy can help
    • Don’t give up
      • If one thing doesn’t work, try something else
  • When should you give up?

Action Steps:

  • Don’t give up! Set a time in the future you can re-evaluate if what you are doing is helping you reach your goals or not. Until then, keep trying!

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