I have a confession to make… I haven’t meditated much in the past 2-3 months. In this episode I go over why meditation can be so difficult even for a seasoned meditator like myself. I also talk about some of the antidotes to the common ‘lies’ our brain tries to tell us to keep us from meditating.

Talking Points:

  • Why I haven’t been meditating for the past few months
  • I’ve meditated a total of 39 hours this year
  • Common reasons people hate meditating
    • You don’t know if you are doing it right
      • Remind yourself that the purpose is not to ‘stop thinking’ thinking is normal.
      • This is practice for your mind.
      • My cello story of playing open strings
    • Your body hurts
      • It’s okay to change postures!
      • Your body does get stronger.
      • Even if you feel discomfort, this is an opportunity to learn and grow.
    • You don’t have time to meditate
      • These are the most important 15 minutes of the day
      • This improves your mind which you take with you everywhere
      • A story of a client of mine that meditated in a closet
    • Meditation is boring and difficult
      • It’s good for you to not be entertained 24/7
      • Remind yourself of the person you want to be and why you are doing this
    • Meditation is not as relaxing as netflix or video games
      • Meditation can sometimes be relaxing while you do it, but that’s not the purpose
      • Meditation is shaping your brain
      • You are learning about yourself and how you think and respond
    • It takes too long to notice the benefits
      • It’s like getting in shape. You wouldn’t expect to get 6-pack abs after going to the gym for 2 weeks would you?
      • Takes about 8 months of daily meditation to physically change the structure of the brain
  • Quote from Marcus Aurelius about coming back to philosophy again and again
  • Waxing philosophical about taking breaks in life

Action Steps:

  • Sign up for my free 7 day meditation program if you haven’t already. 

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