How do you cope when life throws you a series of ups and downs? Do you handle it well? or do you feel like you are being thrown about by an ocean of thoughts and emotions.

This episode covers how you can optimize how you handle the bad times in life. I also talk about why so many people make mistakes by not considering how they act when life is going really well.

Talking Points:

  • Philosophical episode
  • Think about the people you look up to
  • Do they really have perfect lives?
  • The difference between self kindness and laziness
  • What happens when you go through a down time in life?
    • How do you respond to being a downtime?
  • Learning to surf through life
  • Why it’s important to learn to surf during the up times and the down times
  • My friend grace and her destructive cycle of getting great jobs and losing them
  • A question if you are a creator!

Action Steps:

  • Do you create? If so, I want you to share it with me. Email me Send me your your instagram, blog, youtube channel, facebook group, etc… I wanna see what you create!

Resources & References

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